The Baseball Bat is a weapon in PZ. It is very useful for bashing, and can be used in crafting a Spiked Baseball Bat, or a Nail Bat.


The baseball bat takes 2-4 hits to kill a zombie if it is "unmodified". The baseball bat has a knockback effect that can push enemies away. Because of the knockback effect, it is an appropriate weapon to fight groups ranging from 1-15 zombies, but any more and you're better off using a shotgun. A baseball bat has a fairly long range compared to other melee weapon.


In the story mode "Till Death do us apart", you get your first baseball bat from the raider that barges into your house, as well as a bunch of shotgun shells, a shotgun, and a lighter.

Baseball bats can be found in homes, and aren't too common but appear at average 1 per houses, which isn't too shabby. Thorough searching of most houses will give a baseball bat.


Crafting a nail bat will make your baseball bat modified into a nail bat. A nail bat is similar to a baseball bat.

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